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Xem Kênh Truyen Hinh HBO

Xem Kênh Truyen Hinh HBO
HBO (Home Box Office) là kênh truyền hình của Mỹ, chiếu phim và thể thao, thời sự.

Khán giả mê phim hẳn không còn xa lạ gì với kênh HBO cùng với câu slogan rất ấn tượng "HBO - Đơn giản là hay nhất (HBO-simply the best)". Hơn 30 năm kinh nghiệm với 57 triệu thuê bao trên toàn thế giới, HBO được xem là anh cả trong danh sách "con đàn cháu đống" các kênh phim trên toàn thế giới. Những phim hoành tráng nhất vừa được các rạp chiếu phim quảng cáo rầm rộ, ít lâu sau bạn sẽ tha hồ nghiền ngẫm chúng trên HBO và chỉ trên HBO mà thôi, các kênh phim nổi tiếng khác chỉ có thể chiếu lại các phim "độc" này sau HBO một vài tháng. HBO tấn công bạn bằng chiêu thức "3 nhất": hay nhất - mới nhất - và độc nhất. HBO cung cấp đến khán giả những bộ phim ăn khách nhất nhờ có những hợp đồng phân phối độc quyền phim của các hãng sản xuất nổi tiếng nhất thế giới như Columbia Tristar, DreamWorks, Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros và từ các hãng phân phối độc lập như Castle Rock, Franchise, Morgan Creek, New Line, Screen Gems, Studio Canal và Village Roadshow.

HBO hiện nay đã đang phủ sóng trên toàn thế giới trong đó có Việt Nam . Ngoài ra còn có HBO Family, kênh phim dành cho gia đình HBO có những chương trình cao điểm như :

HBO Đêm thứ bảy: mỗi tuần giới thiệu một bộ phim ăn khách, trong đó có chương trình Ngày Thứ Bảy Đặc Biệt - chiếu những bộ phim có doanh thu hơn 100 triệu đô từ các rạp chiếu phim khắp toàn cầu.
HBO-Phim Lớn: một chương trình đặc biệt mỗi tháng công chiếu lần đầu 01 bộ phim theo chiêu thức “3 nhất”.
Phim Ăn khách đặc sắc thứ sáu: giới thiệu 2 phim ăn khách liên tiếp nhau trong một buổi tối.
Giới thiệu Phim đặc sắc: là những hình ảnh sau sàn diễn của những bộ phim lớn sắp công chiếu.
HBO Những siêu sao thứ tư: giới thiệu các ngôi sao hàng đầu Hollywood trong những phim nổi tiếng và đạt nhiều giải thưởng.
Ngoài ra, HBO còn tự đầu tư sản xuất những bộ phim truyền hình và điện ảnh và đoạt giải thưởng lớn như “Giải phim dành cho truyền hình xuất sắc nhất” của Giải Emmy, giải Quả Cầu Vàng ( phim " Những Thiên Thần Nước Mỹ" - có sự tham gia của diễn viên Meryl Streep, Al Pacino; phim " Và Anh ấy Đã Tỏa Sáng" - diễn viên Antonio Banderas, phim " Thiên thần Có Bộ Hàm Sắt" - diễn viên Hilary Swank, phim " Tình dục và Thành Thị" - diễn viên Sarah Jessica Parker, phim " Sáu feet phía dưới" - diễn viên Frances Conroy…). Chương trình “Phim truyền hình do HBO sản xuất” được phát sóng vào thứ ba và “Phim điện ảnh do HBO sản xuất” được lựa chọn để công chiếu lần đầu vào thứ Ba đầu tiên hàng tháng.
Khán giả Việt Nam hiện có thể xem HBO với hơn 3 giờ phim có phụ đề tiếng Việt mỗi ngày. Trong vòng 3 năm tới, số giờ phim có phụ đề tiếng Việt sẽ là 24/24.

Điều cuối cùng để bạn thích HBO - đó là một kênh không bao giờ chèn quảng cáo. Bạn sẽ tự do “Tư duy phim ảnh - Tư duy lớn - Tư duy HBO” ("Think movies - Think big - Think HBO") như câu slogan thứ hai vẫn thường được các bạn trẻ thuộc làu.

HBO Family
HBO Family launched in 1996 as a family-oriented multiplex channel of HBO.[18] It was originally launched in 1990 as HBO For Kids and was rebranded under the "HBO Family" name six years later. HBO Family programming consists of educational and original programs for preschoolers from 6am to noon Eastern/Pacific time. Programs during this time include Crashbox, Stuart Little, Harold and the Purple Crayon, A Little Curious, George and Martha, Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child, I Spy, HBO Storybook Musicals and others. From 12 p.m./ET to late afternoon, G, PG and PG-13 rated movies, as well as original specials are shown. No R-rated or TV-MA rated programs are shown. Times may vary depending on which feed (east or west) they are provided by their satellite or cable provider.

HBO Family's on-air look is different from HBO's other multiplexed channels. Between programs, HBO Family provides viewers with previews and previously added graphic text at the end of the spot with the date and time for the next airdate of that program. This was something that the original HBO had done, but now is no longer provided in this format, except for HBO Family which also ended providing the date and time graphic at the end of 2007 and now only references most programs as airing this month or the following month with typically no reference to a specific air date and time.[19] Also during the interstitial programming, viewers of HBO Family are shown family-themed short programs and a "HBO Family Feature Presentation"-themed spot before a movie. HBO's primary channel and HBO Family are the only two HBO channels that feature voice-over descriptions during the "coming up next" and "tonight on.." segments. HBO Family is also the only HBO multiplex channel not to use HBO's current feature presentation bumper at the beginning of all movies, instead using a customized feature presentation bumper that HBO Family has used at least since the late 1990s.

HBO Family, along with HBO Latino, have the distinction of being the only HBO spin-offs with their own websites; all the others are integrated within the main HBO site. The site includes schedules and more.

[edit] Other services
[edit] HBO on Broadband
In January 2008, HBO launched HBO on Broadband in limited markets. It features 400 hours of movies and original series that can be downloaded to computers. Viewers must be a digital cable customer who subscribes to HBO, and must use their cable company as their internet provider. There is no extra charge for these HBO subscribers for this service. Programming includes 130 movie titles that rotate monthly and top hits ranging from movies, series and specials. Initially, it is only available to Time Warner Cable customers in Green Bay and Milwaukee.[20][21]

[edit] HBO GO
On February 18, 2010, HBO launched HBO GO to Verizon FIOS TV customers who subscribe to the HBO television service. HBO GO comprises a web site which features 600 hours of content available for streaming in standard or high definition. Content includes HBO original programming, movies, comedy specials, documentaries, sports, and late night adult programming (shows from Cinemax's Max After Dark block).[22][23] HBO GO is also available on Google TV. [24]

[edit] Programming
[edit] Original series
Further information: List of programs broadcast by HBO
Further information: List of HBO one-hour dramatic television series
Since 1977, HBO has produced original programming, which includes dramas and comedies in addition to its slate of theatrical films. Most of these shows are rated TV-MA, and often feature suggestive themes and high amounts of profanity, violence, and nudity - content that would be much more difficult to get on basic cable channels, for fear of losing sponsors.

[edit] Movies
As of 2010[update] HBO has exclusive deals with DreamWorks Animation[25], Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Studios, Rogue Pictures, Focus Features, and network sister-companies New Line Cinema and Warner Bros.

HBO also shows sub-runs (runs of films that have already received broadcast network/syndicated television releases) of theatrical films from Paramount Pictures (usually up until 1997), Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox (select films from all five studios are shared with Starz and Encore), MGM, and Lionsgate. HBO also has exclusive pay-cable rights to its own in-house theatrical films made through HBO Films.

Usually films which HBO has pay-cable rights will also run on Cinemax during its time of license.

[edit] Sports
HBO's first sports broadcast was of a New York Rangers / Vancouver Canucks game, transmitted to a CATV system in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1972. HBO is known for its boxing match-ups including those shown on HBO World Championship Boxing. In 1975, the "Thrilla in Manila" boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier aired on HBO and was the first program on the pay-cable network to air via satellite. Also in 1975, HBO began airing coverage of Wimbledon and did so until 1999. Coverage has since moved to sister network TNT and later to NBC and ESPN2.

In 1973, HBO aired a World Wide Wrestling Federation event from Madison Square Garden, headlined by George Steele facing Pedro Morales. The event recently showed up as part of the WWE 24/7 on-demand service. During the mid-1970s, HBO aired several NBA and ABA basketball games (notably, the last ABA Final in 1976, between the New York Nets and Denver Nuggets) as well as some NHL hockey games. HBO Sports also aired PBA Bowling events during the 1970s. Dick Stockton was the play by play announcer and Skee Foremsky was the color commentator.[26]

In 1977, HBO launched Inside the NFL, the channel's longest-running program, but cancelled it in February 2008, with rival pay TV network Showtime picking up the series starting in September 2008. HBO launched Boxing After Dark in 1996, showcasing some of boxing's newest talents. HBO currently operates HBO PPV (formerly TVKO) to broadcast boxing matches to pay-per-view subscribers.

In 2001, HBO hired Bob Costas to host a 12-episode sports show called On the Record with Bob Costas. A revamped version of On the Record began in 2005, Costas Now, hosted by Costas, which ended its run in 2009. Both shows are very similar to another HBO sports show called Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel that currently runs on the network. The channel debuted another sports show Joe Buck Live, hosted by longtime baseball commentator Joe Buck in 2009. HBO and NFL Films have also jointly produced Hard Knocks, which follows a team in training camp and their preparations for the upcoming NFL season. The series, which first premiered in 2001, returned in August 2009 to document the Cincinnati Bengals.[27]

HBO Sports has been headed by several well-known television executives over the years, including Steve Powell (later head of Programming at ESPN), Dave Meister (later head of The Tennis Channel), Seth Abraham (later head of Madison Square Garden Sports) and current President, Ross Greenburg.

[edit] Documentaries
Many of HBO's documentary series appear under the America Undercover brand. Among the regular AU features are Real Sex and Autopsy.

In 2004, guided by human rights activist Ansar Burney, an HBO team for Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel used a hidden camera to document slavery and torture in secret desert camps where boys under the age of five were trained to race camels, a national sport in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This half-hour investigative report exposed a carefully hidden child slavery ring that bought or kidnapped hundreds of young boys in Pakistan and Bangladesh. These boys were then forced to become camel jockeys in the UAE. The report also questioned the sincerity of U.S. diplomacy in pressuring an ally, the UAE, to comply with its own stated policy of banning the use of children under 15 from camel racing.

The documentary won a Sports Emmy Award in 2004 for "Outstanding Sports Journalism" and the 2006 Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University Award for outstanding broadcast journalism. It also brought world attention to the plight of child camel jockeys in the Middle East and helped Ansar Burney Trust to convince the governments of Qatar and the UAE to end the use of children in this sport.

HBO is also noted for its "Sports of the 20th century" documentary brand. One of its most recent documentaries was "Dare to Dream" about the U.S. Women's Soccer Team and their effort to make a difference. This documentary featured Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, Brandi Chastain, Joy Fawcett, and Julie Foudy.

In 2006, film director Spike Lee made a four-hour documentary on Hurricane Katrina called When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, which was broken up into two parts. Also in 2006, documentary artist Lauren Greenfield directed a feature length film about four young women struggling with eating disorders in the Renfrew Clinic in Florida, called Thin. 2008 saw the US television premiere of the documentary film Baghdad High, which depicted the lives of four boys attending a high school in Baghdad, Iraq, over the course of one year in the form of a video diary. The documentary was filmed by the boys themselves, who were given video cameras for the project.[28]

In November 2008, HBO paid low seven figures for U.S. TV rights to Amy Rice and Alicia Sams's documentary, "By the People: The Election of Barack Obama". It covers Obama's 2006 trip to Africa, his presidential primary campaign, the 2008 general election and his inauguration. The documentary has been released to theatres in New York and Los Angeles and aired in November 2009.[29]

[edit] Branding
When the network launched in 1972, HBO identified itself with a still image of the text "HOME BOX OFFICE". In 1975 it began using an uppercase 'HBO' with a circle inside the 'O'. However for the first few years, the logo featured the 'O' cutting into the 'B'. The logo was modified in 1980 (not completely replacing the original until 1981) when HBO started using the current version of the logo with the 'B' and the 'O' still attached to each other but with the 'O' no longer intercutting the 'B'. The simplicity of the logo makes it fairly easy to duplicate, something HBO has taken advantage of many times over the years.

The logo became iconic due to what is perhaps the network's most famous program introduction "HBO in Space," used from 1982 until 1999, and was produced by Liberty Studios of New York City in 1982 and debuted on the network later that year.[30] The original full version begins with a look in a window at a family (sometimes only a husband and wife) sitting down to watch TV (that part was later replaced with a cloudscape). It then pans and flies through a cityscape and into the countryside and then moves up into outer space, where a starburst appears and the HBO logo (in starship form) appears and rotates toward the camera before multi-colored beams move around the "O" and take the camera inside it, where the type of program is revealed (generally the feature presentation). Several versions of the intro appear on YouTube, including one posted by HBO's official YouTube channel.[31] The accompanying fanfare, originally composed by Ferdinand Jay Smith III for Score Productions, has become a musical logo for the network with numerous re-orchestrations of this fanfare being used, varying from the traditional horns to piano. The current feature presentation bumper uses a re-orchestrated (and slightly warped) version of this theme.

Another famous HBO ID, "Neon Lights", designated non-primetime movies airing from 7AM-8PM from 1987 to 1999. Unlike its "Space" counterpart, this ID was entirely CGI. The sequence, set to an electric guitar theme, begins with a purple HBO logo on a vertical filmstrip as light rays shoot through it, the camera then pans around several CG slots glowing in blue, green and pink until a light flash hits several spheres glowing in various rainbow colors. The spheres zoom out forming the HBO logo in light purple with "Movie" written in cursive in a raspberry-like color with the rainbow spheres on a black background behind the words.[32]

The current HBO "Feature Presentation" bumper used since 1999 also uses CGI graphics. The version seen every day features the camera flying over ground as spotlights rapidly turn on, one by one. The camera suddenly slows, begins to face the "ground" and reveals a HBO logo-shaped lake, and the words "Feature Presentation" appear one by one, in 3D. The full version only seen during Saturday night movie premieres, begins on a city street, showing a movie theatre marquee which reads "HBO FEATURE PRESENTATION" in all caps. The camera zooms into a box office booth and then flashes, changes scenery and zooms through a country road passing under a "H"-shaped tower, then a snowy mountain road jumping over a drop-down cliff, and goes through a "B"-shaped tunnel on the other side, then rapidly coming upon a desert road catching up to a "O"-shaped tanker truck. It then appears in a urban neighborhood with skyscrapers visible in the background passing by houses and stores, and a city bus. The road becomes a bridge, coming upon the downtown of the city, bypassing the buildings seen eariler. The same animation that is seen in the more common shorter version then plays as usual.[33]

HBO bucks the general trend in pay-TV networks (including the themed networks of sister channel Cinemax) and does not brand programming with digital on-screen graphic logos of the main network and each respective theme channel.[34]

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